Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Long ago in the warmer parts of last year I dug up a potato of obscene proportions. It became known as Spudzilla. Sadly, before Spudzilla could gain renown throughout the land it became chips. Many many chips. Yum.
Note: despite the nature of the photo, no children were encouraged to eat raw potato, just chips. Yum.

Stuff has happened, followed by other stuff that also happened.

I have a moment to breath while I await the next stage of various projects that I am currently involved in. Since the last time I arranged words on this space I have been busy making pictures. So here is a selection.
There it is, samples from some of the projects I have been working on. The image of the japanese woman was produced for a story about a tea shop written by author Andrew Segal. The story has been published in an e- book called Fables 4 Japan (book2). 100% of the sales from these books will go to the Red Cross in care of the March 11th earthquake victims.

Take care