Friday, 8 November 2013

I dun sum pictures and sum words

As I listen to the noise of a light November shower attempting to smash the roof tiles on my house, my summer tan of a cyan hue dissolves back to semi-transparent.I'm sure you would like photographs but I shun this media for the imposter that it is. Why take a photo when you can draw it? Photography may be quicker and easier but...   ...    ..anyway. I have recently updated my website so pokey pokey here to have a look. There is the odd new piece in there and there will be more soon.
As the title suggests, I have done some pictures and some words. This translated roughly means that I am working on my first author illustrated picture book that will be published with Parragon. I'm probably supposed to keep the details secret but I'll mention this much; its a book and it will definitely... definitely have pictures in it... oh, and words... on pages and probably even a cover. There, that's let the rather desperate kitty out of an ever-so flimsy bag. Have fun.

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