Thursday, 5 August 2010

Being an illustrator (all proper like!)

Well...I'm having a welcome break from a busy year and a half of artworking and so I have time to blog and develop my portfolio (... and eat biscuits, play with the kids toys etc etc etc).
Making a living at being an illustrator is not an easy business for anyone. The last piece of colour illustration I did was a character design of a Grumpy Dragon. I'm very pleased with him but i need to develop some other subject areas and so I will sniff about for some alternative avenues.
I've been an illustrator for 5 years but I've always had a day job to keep me sane. This summer I have needed to drop the day job and plunge fully into the world of illustration and art. Never will I cycle through rain and cold to reach my work place. Instead I will go to work in my socks. Madness from isolation may well set in, but since so many artists had problems upstairs, I like to think of it as a career move rather than a problem.

I will need to do some serious promotion and development over the coming months in the hope of creating a decent client base and making the career work. I will update this blog as often as I can with my career progress, strange behavior patterns, successes, regrets, BCR (Biscuit Consumption Rate) etc.


  1. Dear Andy -

    Loving your recent work -
    I saw that you did some illustrations for TT, which were the ones I admired ...can I ask, out of interest, if it is they that owe you payment?
    The reason I ask is that they have not paid me for illustrations for two books since early this year...and I suspect I am not the only one

    Not that this makes a whole lot of difference ....

    Best, Ann Johns
    PS ALWAYS fluff

  2. Hello Ann
    No pulling the wool with you. Those naughty naughty people!!! I know of several others suffering the same problem.