Friday, 13 August 2010

The fluff's on hold

yesterday I decided to prod my agent to see if he thought that the mouse gawping benevolently at disguised acorn would pull the publishers. Well, he had other ideas as to what I should be doing. He sent me the illustrations of another chap on the agency's books, who it seems is no longer on the agency's books because he has gone and got himself all famous, not with illustration but music. You may already have heard of him, Bruno Merz. I think my agent figures that I should use his looser technique, something that sells perhaps. Well, anyway, I spent this afternoon listening to Bruno as I worked, excellent stuff. Is it possible that someone can have too much talent. Doesn't he realise that there are people out there with no talent at all?  Maybe I should learn to play an instrument and sing...hmmmmm!
UPDATE I'm designing cuddly toys which is something new for me and by way of another departure from the norm I'm producing an illustration of an old type of whaling vessel. I suppose its some kind of artistic historical reconstruction.
The fluffs on hold for the moment but I shall return.

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